About Us

The B.E. International Program began operation in 1993, as a self-financing semi-autonomous arm of the Faculty of Economics. The program combines a broad educational foundation with extensive preparation in the various aspects of economic theory and practice. The program is designed to promote self-development and critical thinking, and to provide familiarity with advanced theory and technology. With English as the medium of instruction, students develop effective communication skills in the language of international business and economic negotiations. The integration of practice and theory, of teaching and research which has long been a tradition at the Faculty of Economics forms the heart of this dynamic Bachelor of Economics Program and contributes to the education of tomorrow's leaders.


The program equips students with the critical skills of analysis and communication that they will need to cope effectively with the challenges of an increasingly global economy. At the same time, a team of highly qualified instructors and a wide range of courses provide ample opportunity for specialization.


With a combination of highly-qualified Thai instructors, and respected visiting lecturers from overseas, the Faculty of Economics at Thammasat University continues its long tradition of offering a strong, comprehensive learning experience, combining theory with in-depth analysis of Thai and international economic realities.