General Education Courses

General Education Courses 30 creditsStudents are required to take 2 parts of general education courses.

Part 2 Electives 9 credits from Part II. of general education courses or faculty general education coursed offered by each university faculty and the university approves as Part II of the university education course.

1.2 General Education Courses (Part II) (9 Credits)



3 credits



3 credits



3 credits

For General Education Courses (Part II), B.E. International Program offers the following courses;

TU 111

Thailand in Historical, Social and Cultural Perspective

TU 112

Heritage of the Pre-modern World

TU 113

Fundamentals of Philosophy and Religions

TU 116

Man and Arts: Visual Art, Music and Performing Arts

TU 122

Law in Everyday Life

TU 124

Society and Economy

CH 171


CH 172


BA 291

Introduction to Business

HO 201

Principles of Management

PY 211

General Psychology

EL 295

Academic English

 * For offered general education courses (Part II), B.E. International Program reserves the
right to alter the information above at any time with or without notice.


Faculty of Economics

1. General education course in languages*

2. General education course in physical education

3. Courses for bachelor degree

LA 150 Fundamental Rights (3)

LA 209 Civil and Commercial Law (3)

LA 246 Introduction to Intellectual Property (3)

BA 291 Introduction to Business (3)

HO 201 Principles of Management (3)

EC 210 Introductory Economics (3)

EC 213 Introductory Microeconomics (3)

PY 211 General Psychology (3)

PY 228 Psychology of Interpersonal Relations (3)

EG 221 Reading for Information (3)

EG 241 Listening – Speaking 1 (3)

CE 106 Communication and Presentation Technique (2)

MD100 Ethical basic (1)

UP 103 Information Technology Management of Planning (3)

AP 162 Applied physics for Built Environment (3)

AP 163 History of Art (3)

AP 164 Economics of Built Environment (3)

EL 202 English for Work (3)

EL 217 Speaking and Listening for Academic Purposes

EL 295 Academic English 1 (3)

EL 296 English for Academic Purposes 1 (3)

EL 317 Reading and Writing for Academic Purposes

EL 396 English for Academic Purposes 2 (3)

Note: 1. • refers to free electives courses only.

 refers to either general education courses (Part II) or free elective courses.
(If students choose any of these courses as general education course, it will not be counted as
free elective courses, or vice versa.)

*Revised: Formerly, general education courses in languages of Faculty of
Economics are counted as only free electives. However, it was, later, changed to
either general education courses (Part2) or free electives.