Major Area Courses


Consisting of 5 components including 32 credits of compulsory courses, 3 credits of compulsory elective courses, 30 credits of cluster-specific courses, 3 credits of seminar and 3 credits of internship as follows.

2.1) Compulsory courses 32 credits

    1. MA216 (or MA211) and ST216 (or ST211)
    2. EL241 and EL341 (Students in Bachelor of Economics, international program are exempted from taking these courses and need to complete other courses to fulfill the credits needed)
    3. EE211 EE212 EE311 EE312 EE320 (or EE421) and EE325 (or EE425)

2.2) Compulsory elective courses 3 credits

Students are required to complete 3 credits from one of the following courses specified by the faculty.

  1. EE404 History of Economic Thought
  2. EE406 Contemporary Economic Issues
  3. EE460 Thai Economy

2.3) Cluster-specific courses 30 credits consisting of cluster-specific compulsory courses and cluster-specific elective courses as follows 

Cluster-specific courses 30 credits
- Cluster-specific compulsory courses 21 credits
  Selected from economics courses in level 400 or higher
- Cluster-specific elective courses 9 credits
  Selected from economics courses in level 300 or higher

2.4) Seminar course 3 credits with 2 options:

    1. Seminar courses 3 credits or
    2. EE500 Honors Thesis 3 credits

2.5) Internship courses 3 credits

    1. EE300 Internship course 3 credits or
    2. EE366 Local Study and development 6 credits


If students select EE366 (6 credits) over EE300 (3 credits), students would require to complete only 6 credits of cluster-specific elective courses.

In order to graduate with Economics degree, students are required to earn grade above or equal to C in EE311 and EE312.

Moreover, Students are required to earn total GPA of 2.00 or higher (Computed from all economics courses according to course structure specified in cluster-specific courses and exclude economic courses which recorded as free elective course. For EE311 and EE312, if students take the courses more than once, only the best grade would be used in calculation.)