Free Elective Courses

Students may select to study any course that is opening in Thammasat university as free-elective courses at a minimum of 6 credits.

The applicable courses also include the language courses, however, other courses included in general education part 1 and part 2 which stated in TU initial code, TU100 - TU156, cannot be used as free-elective courses.

Studying economics as minor area

Students from other faculties who want to select economics as minor area need to complete economics course in level 300 or higher for at least 15 credits.

The recommended courses for economics minor include EE301, EE302, EE340, EE351, EE360, EE361, EE362, EE363, EE364, EE365, EE366, EE375, EE380, EE381, EE383 and EE390 (In order to enroll each course, students need to complete specified prerequisites)

Study for diploma in economics

Students who complete courses in economic curriculum for at least 96 credits and the following conditions are eligible for diploma in economics

1. Get cumulative GPA 2.00 or higher
2. Register for at least 5 regular semesters
3. Complete all 30 credits in general education courses of the university
4. Complete a minimum of 60 credits in cluster-specific economics courses and minor or non-economics elective courses


4.1 Economics courses
      at least 36 credits including EE211 EE212 EE311 and EE312 and 300 level courses of 9 credits maximum 

4.2 Other non-economics courses
      at least 24 credits including MA216 (or MA211) and ST216 (or ST211)

5. GPA of at least 2.00 in economics courses
6. Complete free-elective courses at least 6 credits