B.E. Student Won a Second-Runner up in  One-2-Call! - BrandAge Award 2012

B.E. Student Won a Second-Runner up in One-2-Call! - BrandAge Award 2012 One-2-Call! BrandAge Award Project (6th year) provides an opportunity for university students in Thailand to present their IMC plans on TIC TAC TOUR. This project was launched on June and lasted for 3 months.

We, as marketing minor students at B.E. International Programme, did not hesitate to participate in this competition. We formed our team (Chocobo) with four members; Tamonwan P., Piyaporn L., Nanthanee Y. and Paween P. Finally, we decided to spend our whole summer concentrating on the IMC plan.

At the end of July, we submitted our plan to AIS office. Two weeks later, we heard good news from the company that our team was one of the 21 teams, from 620 teams, who were eligible to compete in the regional round.

However, this good news lasted only for a second as we needed to complete our VDO clip in one week. One week of stress passed by and we finally finished our VDO clip. Then it was uploaded by AIS and the one-week voting began.

On 31 August – 2 September, we had a great experience at the workshop. The workshop was held at Sak Phu Duen Hotel & Resort, Khao Yai. We gained a lot of marketing and friendship experience. During our second day at the camp, we did the IMC presentation. After we finished the presentation, we were relieved. The next day, we woke up with excitement for the result announcement.

Our team won the second runner-up prize for the regional round of this competition. We felt happy and thank ourselves for our own efforts and patience. Also, we would like to thank our project advisor, Ajarn Sulwalya K., for her advice and support. We will never forget this wonderful experience.