Wannasingh Prasertkul

sing22For me, B.E. is not just where I go to study Economics everyday; it is a place where I learnt a whole new way of thinking, a place where all my doubts about my future career are realized, and the most important, a place where I can always call it “home”.

Economics wasn’t such a big thing for me at first when I joined the B.E. program, I was just a common ordinary high school graduate who just didn’t really know what I want to do with my life at the time. But at B.E., not that I gradually learn about our economy and eventually became fond of learning about it. (Sounds boring, right? But it can be more fun than you think.) I’ve developed a way of thinking, a logical one! You can start as a boy who doesn’t really think much about what he does. Then follow his feeling to a man who considers every aspect and consequence of his action and asks himself all the time about why he does this and that in everyday life. Economics teach you to see the whole picture, how your actions precisely affect those around you: the society and the economy. With the world class education at B.E., studying about these subjects can be more fun and easy to understand like it’s never been before.

Now, my future career is set, an economist is what exactly I want to be. And for those who don’t know what economists do or who they are, I can assure you that you’ll soon find your answer and likely that you would want to become one if you join us here at B.E.

Wannasingh Prasertkul

Writer, Moderator, Musician