The 2012 HSBC/McKinsey Business Case Competition

The 2012 HSBC/McKinsey Business Case Competition was held on 5-7 June 2012 at the University of Hong Kong. There were sixteen teams from Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Taiwan, India, Korea, and Thailand. The competition brought together students from around the region,and gave them an opportunity to use their communication skills on qualitative and quantitative issues.

Teams competed during the two-day event, judged by senior management from the Asian business community.

The TU team contained of 4 members: Pimnuch Panma, Khwanchanok Kessakorn, Onwaris Padermprach and Manisa Tungbanjerdsook who reached semi-final round.

Our students gained invaluable experience from the competition. They learned presentation skills, and public speaking, as well as slide design.


Here are some of their thoughts about the competition

Pimnuch Panma

“The competition made us realize that for bankers and consultants, missing a deadline or receiving a poor recommendation can have real consequences on business. However, well-thought-out advice can help a failing company flourish. This kept our team motivated through the whole competition.”

Onwaris Padermprach

“I would like to thank B.E. for giving me the opportunity to participate in the 2012 HSBC/McKinsey Business Case Competition. I met many young talented people. I learned the value of teamwork and appreciated the meaning of friendship. Most of all, I realized that many things are possible, if we dare to dream.”

Manisa Tungbanjerdsook

“There is no better way to put your studies into practice than participating in the HSBC/McKinsey Business Case Competition. I recommend the HSBC/McKinsey Business Case Competition to all students as a great way to strengthen their analytical, thinking, teamwork, and presentation skills, and also to network with amazing people from all over Asia.”

Khwanchanok Kessakorn

“I gained invaluable experience from participating in the 2012 HSBC/McKinsey Business Case Competition. I learned to apply knowledge to tackle business cases in the real world. My presentation skills also improved greatly after I joined this competition.”