BE Financial Boot Camp 2019

In collaboration with Bachelor of Economics (BE) International Program alumni, the BE International Program organized a four day training session on financial valuation. The classes were scheduled for each Sunday between October 27 and November 17, with a principal theme of stock valuation.

Forty-five third- and fourth-year students with areas of interest focusing on financial valuation joined the boot camp. Using active learning and practical training approaches, participants were divided into small groups, each of which received individual instruction and guidance in real-life situations by BE alumni who are financial industry professionals.

Here are some of the participants' thoughts about the training program:

“After taking BE financial boot camp, I felt that I learned a lot about how to do valuation in theoretical and practical ways. Learning from real experience, knowing how to do a valuation model, and which model is suitable for each industry was really a great experience for me. I hope this event will continue to be held in the future.”

Chaiyapol Limpavuttivaranon (BE#24)

“I was impressed by this workshop because it is totally different from finance courses I have taken before. In finance courses, professors teach financial concepts. Here, instructors show applications of financial concepts to construct financial models. All sessions in the workshop, starting from macroeconomics to financial models, motivated my interest in taking further courses in financial economics. I have seen how instructors construct financial models from scratch. After seeing heuristics that they used in making financial models, I can confidently construct financial models for myself. The student discussion that was held during the workshop makes the presentation more engaging by being sure that everyone is on the right track. Throughout the workshop, instructors provided tips for making sense of financial formulas, estimating parameters used in financial modelling, and constructing the financial model by using reasonable, easy to read assumptions. All the tips given in this workshop are applicable to my studies. I can understand financial theory better than before because I can see the whole picture of asset valuation, thanks to this workshop. I can read financial papers more easily because from the workshop, I have understood how finance works in the real world.”

Kantapong Visantavarakul (BE#25)

“B.E. financial boot camp is a must-join workshop where participants have an opportunity to learn from real experience from our alumni working in the financial sector about stock valuation and related fields. This workshop initially started from analyzing the macro view of economic activities, to foresee the direction of the whole economic system and businesses in each sector. Later, we learnt to analyze the nature of each business type. For instance, the revenue structure of the retail sector should be different from that in the medical service sector, so that we can apply an appropriate method to measure its business value. As a result, we derived a method to build our own financial model to find the intrinsic stock price value.”

Phasit Kalamphanan (BE#24)

“I was so glad to be part of BE financial boot camp 2019. It was a great opportunity to be mentored by experienced and caring p’p’ alumni who work in the investment banking field. Throughout four sessions of macroeconomics, business, and financial statement analysis, as well as valuation theory and financial modeling, I felt like I truly learned a lot about financial components and rediscovered some parts I had forgotten. I am really grateful for all p’p’ who are working and sacrifice their beloved Sundays for us LOL. Thank you so much ka, my friends and I truly appreciate it. To be honest, I don’t think we can find classes like these anywhere else, where all the mentors are so friendly and willing to help and answer all the questions we had. I gained a lot from the four Sundays we spent together. I am also thankful to the BE program for initiating a supportive training program like this and hope to see the BE network prosper and grow with us students in the future.”

Sarocha Thongpracum (BE#24)

The BE International Program and current BE students thank BE alumni for their encouragement and contributions.