Guaranteed Progression to Master Study at Partnership Universities

This is a collaborative program between the Faculty of Economics, Thammasat University and the University of Bristol.  B.E. students who graduate under Curriculum 2018 and meet the minimum cumulative GPA requirements are automatically guaranteed admission to one of the six master degree programs listed below at the University of Bristol. 
  • MSc Banking Regulation and Financial Stability
  • MSc Economics 
  • MSc Economics and Finance 
  • MSc Finance and Investment 
  • MSc Management 
  • MSc Marketing 
To learn more about the information of this partnership program, visit the Global Transfer Program section of University of Bristol webpage.

How to apply

Students can directly apply to the University of Bristol via an application portal of the University of Bristol.  

Scholarship Opportunities Offered by Partnership Universities

For more information about the Tuition & Fees scholarship provided by UEA, please visit the Econ-TU international affairs webpage