Student-Initiated Activities

To Be True B.E.

To Be True B.E. is an activity camp for all high school students who are interested in the BE international program or The Bachelor of Economics Thammasat University

The main purpose of To be True B.E. is to provide information and experience in the BE international program; moreover, our camp can also give an opportunity to high school students to find their own passions and career paths.

First Meet

Organized by freshmen who will soon be moving on to their second year, First Meet is a welcoming event for our 100-120 new friends that are joining BE each year. As we reckon the challenges of being a freshman, from academic adjustment to getting to know people from other schools or even completely different backgrounds, First Meet aims to enhance good relationships among students and support a smooth transition to university life. The event also introduces new students to our BE values and community in order to build pride and unity within BE.

For more information:
Instagram: tobetruebe.2022 
facebook : To Be True B.E. 2019 

BE Drama

BE Drama brings together BE students with a passion for a theatrical production to organize annual performances. Throughout the production process, students would be able to acquire and strengthen various skills by working collaboratively with colleagues and third parties. The activity prioritizes democratic decision-making, allowing members to participate in all aspects of the production to enhance their creativity and build self-confidence. Students are encouraged to apply and further their knowledge of theatrical production, for instance, playwriting, stage management, and acting skills.   

For more information:
Facebook: BEdrama ละคอนเศรษฯ มธ.
Instagram: be_drama 


BE Camp

As a student-led volunteer club, BE camp is arranged with the purpose to assist local community development in rural areas through knowledge sharing, exchange of culture, and constructing basic infrastructure. 

The activity aims to foster a giving mindset in BE students and broaden their perspectives. Students would have the opportunity to explore the rural way of life along with understanding the fundamental issues faced by the local communities beyond the knowledge taught in class. This offers in-depth insights regarding the reality of the rural population, which represents a major proportion in Thai society.  

For more information:
Facebook: B.E.Camp